Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I baked recently..

Choc cupcake for pot luck farewell party for my staff

Vanilla cupcake for my dear friend Ai Leen who is cup cake sucker,he he

I hate the yellow color, soo not natural.

The funny thing, a few friends start forcing me to take their orders. TQ very much for all your trust however I'am not sure if I could fulfill your request, 1st, I only bake bila Iman tak "meroyan", 2nd, I tak sampai hati nak jual hasil yang tak berapa berkualiti to u all guys.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nose Bleed

I am not so well for the last few weeks. Could be due to so many reasons, working in the hosp with full of bugs is one of the factor! What to do, cari rezeki. Got up this morning & I noticed my sputum mix with blood & bila hembus hingus I've got nose bleed! OMG, apa pulak problem nih. Made appt to see Dr Me*at the ENT (that's the beauty working in the hosp despite full of virus ha..ha..) & I had "nose check up"by him (endoscopy of the sinus) & he's very gentle! no pain at all. To ease my anxiety he ordered FBC (knowing the fact ,my strong family history for big C) & the result came out all normal except for my platelet which is slightly high. Alhamdullilah. The nose bleed actually due to my sinus problem & I got to use the nose spray for 2 weeks, prn antihistamine & 1 week course of Augmentin. Hope it will heal ,Insya-Allah.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pulut kuning

Hari tu Caca bagi tau yang dia finally dah naik quran.So, sempena dgn kem ibadah yg dia attend on the last 2 weekends, buatlah sikit pulut kuning & rendang ayam utk sedekah cikgu & students Cikgu Bibah kat KAFA tu....

Ni sambal ikan bilis, stand by just in case ada yg tak makan ayam

Rendang & pulut kuning. Berpeluh jugak le nak masak 2 kg pulut nih. TQ Kak Semah sebab dah bagikan exactly sukatnya.
The foods utk di bawak ke Kem Ibadah