Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our 10th Anniversary

Last Saturday bersamaan 5 September 2009, it was our 10th anniversary. Nothing much to say except for syukur alhamdulillah & hopefully our marriage will lasts forever hingga ke akhir hayat, Amin..

Cuma on that day, both of us terkenangkan arwah mak yg tak sempat nak celebrate our happiness together. The initial plan was to do "anniversary celebration" with the kenduri & etc. Tapi during Ramadan & mak baru je pergi meniggalkan kita buat selama2nya, so I was not really in a mood to organize anything except for our time together from noon till mid night.

Started the day with Matta Fair- Papa berniat to bring me out from Asian country latest when our marriage reached 10 years. Pusing2 & survey2 he ended up with the tour package for both of us to to London & Paris 6D5N.Managed to get a good deal but caused a lot of damaged to him also la..he.he.Now I only need to think about my kids when we are on our "honeymoon".

Next-went to KLCC , plan awalnya nak pegi Victoria Station kat Damansara coz banyak kenangannya VS nih, sesat punya pasal terus gi KLCC & we reached there almost 6 but all fully book. Lucky Aseana accepted us with the little table at the corner. Not much variety but sufficient for small eater like both of us

The most important is the quality of time that we can spend together. Considering 10 years,quite a matured numbers, quantity become no 2. With both of us staying apart, nothing much to expect except for loves, cares & the most important at this age is TRUSTWOTHY! I pray hard to Allah semoga our marriage berakhir hingga ke akhir hayat & to papa, TQ very much for being part of my life for 10 wonderful years.